About Us


Grady Taylor Jewelry, Inc. has the experience and respect that few jewelers can match. Jewelry is our business and our passion. Shop with us today and enjoy our service, which has been trusted for over 70 years.

Grady Taylor Jewelry is presently located a block away from Pershing Square in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, CA. Validated parking is available underneath the building.


Our History

1945 - 1970

Grady Taylor Jewelry was started by Grady G. Taylor after WWII.  His original store was in Hollywood, CA on Hollywood Blvd.  Grady moved the business into downtown Los Angeles in the late 1950's.  In 1965, he associated with another jewelry company, Shaw Diamond Company.

1970 - 1990 

In 1973, his nephew, Brett Taylor, joined him in the business.  In 1982, Grady and Brett left their association with Shaw Diamond Company and incorporated as Grady G. Taylor Jewelry, Inc. – the company as it exists today – with Grady being President and Brett being Vice President. 

1990 - Present

In 1991, our Designer and Office Manager, Roger Hunt, joined the firm. In 1999, Grady semi-retired and Brett took over as president of the company.  Upon Grady's retirement, Stuart Simpson became Vice President. 

Simpson had been a protege of Grady's from 1969-1974, and when he took over as Vice President, he merged his company with Grady G. Taylor Jewelry, Inc.  This is how the company remains today.